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  1. Alignment Sticks
  2. Putting Stick
  3. Recording Stick

Before Using Scratch Stick:

Inspection: Inspect for any defects before use; if defective, please reach out here so we can get you a new Scratch Stick immediately! 

Magnet Use: Use rubbing alcohol or an alcohol wipe before applying the magnet to the device. The best surface for application is a cell phone case. 

Monopod Recording Stake: Stake into any dirt ground surface with force applied to the bottom of the recording stake. Once staked into the ground, mount with our strong magnet attached to your device.

Putting Stick Feature:

  • Find a flat surface on a putting green or in your home.
  • Place the ball on the putting stick (AKA Recording Stake).
  • Set up your ball with your eyes visible in the putting mirror.
  • Make a stroke toward your intended target. 

Putting Gate: Place the recording stake and the green track parallel to each other, place the ball between the track, and putt toward your intended target.  

Feet Alignment (Alignment Aid): Place a recording stake in one of the three green channel slots; they will be perpendicular to your feet to get proper alignment.